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2019 Sierra 2500HD Denali Duramax Crewcab


Ok, I understand the chime goes through the stereo.  And yes I know I won't have to worry about the chime anymore if I use seatbelt, but thats not what I'm trying to figure out.


What I don't understand is sometimes it will be MAX VOLUME DOOR CHIME for one or 2 chimes, then go to the volume that my stereo is actually at for the rest of them.  Other times it does exactly what its supposed to do.

I want to make sure that this isnt some issue like they use to have early 2000's GM's where the stereo volume would get louder with vehicle speed (as intended) but then sometimes that speed detection feature would fail and it would get real loud randomly.


Curious if anyone has any thoughts....its loud enough where its legit startling first thing in the morning when I leave for work haha

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I've noticed that when it does it and the truck is fully on, if I turn the radio knob so volume is below 50% it will quiet it down.  and then if I go back above 50% it will be super loud.


Trying to figure out if this is some programming issue with the module that has the volume knob built into it, or if this is programming within the infotainment unit itself.....month later and its still jarring.....#1 thing I hate about the truck right now.

Going to see if I can find someone else with the same truck and see if I can their module with the volume knob - into my truck and see if it stops.  If it does, then I'll assume mine is bad and replace it.
I already had to replace the climate control knob module because all the back lights were flickering....maybe multiple modules were damaged?


Not sure.

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Small Update.
When it starts blaring if I quickly turn volume knob higher then lower, it will get it to stop being so loud 100% of the time.
But it will still Always be full blast on first startup and sometimes will randomly be ultra loud.

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