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2020 Regen frequency has increased sginificantly

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Truck has 50k miles and has usually regened every 807 miles like clockwork.  Recently it has started going into regen every couple hundred miles due to the DPF Soot level increasing much faster than usual. Regen cycle seems to take the usual amount of time and drops the DPF SL reading to below 5% before exiting.  All this info is from my Banks idash. Anyone run across this before or any ideas before I go to the dealership.  Thanks

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Check the MAP sensor for excessive carbon buildup.  


What condition is your engine air filter in?  Regen frequency (soot buildup rate) is dependent on a lot of variables, sometimes even the most simple item too.  

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I did clean the MAP, soot was built up on the sensor. This was one of the first things I checked when I noticed shorter regen cycles. Issues still persists, I will double check the air filter but its only a few months old.  

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