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L5P Oil Filter Choices ?? Also GM "Allison" 10L1000 Oil Pan .

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My '24 2500HD is almost at 3k mi.  In considering the first oil change, to do now before the snow hits. Is this too  soon to jump the gun after break-in miles ?


The GM filter listed is # 12707246 (AC Delco # PF63). In research, I found that this is a Paper Element filter.

WIX offers two......Std. GM equal or perhaps better, WIX # 10255, says Element is "Enhanced Cellulose".  Fancy Paper ??

The WIX-XP listed as best for Synthetic oil, is WIX # 10255XP, and features a Synthetic Element.


All Listed Particulate Capture Value of 21 Microns.  I am leaning towards the WIX-XP.


I always added Lucas Oil Stabilizer in all my vehicles, every oil change.


BTW:  Read the posts on the New GM "Allison" 10 speed, NOT having a Spin-On Filter and Pan Drain.....JEEEZZZEEE  !!!!   My '16 2500HD Allison had them.

          I get this as forcing more Dealer Service, by DIY maint. more a PIA.

          When this fluid change is due, as "64BAWagon" posted, weld on a drain plug into the pan. Have a MIG & TIG welder in my shop.

          Could use a regular O2 Sensor "Bung" fitting to weld in, but that would need  Teflon Paste (not tape) on the plug threads. Teflon Tape fragments will cause problems.

          Will search the Hot Rod & Truck sites, for perhaps a better purpose built drain product. 

FYI: Just saw a Deep Cast, Finned, Alum. pan for the 10L1000. Pacific Diesel Prod. Adds 4 more qt's., Stainless drain & level check ports, Plugs with Magnets. 

        Top shelf product for severe tow applications, to justify $375 to $400.

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Best case scenario for me will be an aftermarket pan but so far no one has made one for the gas engine application. The pan is different to allow the exhaust crossover. I still have time since my truck has less than 1000 miles on it. 

As far as filters, I think the  Champ XL from Rockauto are about the best deal for the money. This is essentially an AC Delco filter with better media, made by the same company. I have compared several Champ filters to AC Delco units and they are more similar than different. 

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