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1996 Chevy Silverado Custom truck brake lights issues



Owned this 1996 Silverado Regency Custom truck since 2004 , having to replace Brake light switches almost monthly , just heard today that all Chevy Silverado trucks from 1980 to early 90’s having severe electrical issues due to bad wiring harness installs and wires grounding out with age …….. Do I need to completely rewire my electrical harness from tail lights to main harness? Was there ever a recall for these electrical issues ? Ridiculous situation , please advise best course of action ……… I am located in Memphis 

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'96 models have MUCH better wire quality than anything being built these days, or even after 2006. Haven't seen anything out of the ordinary with those as far as wiring goes.


My first suspicion is the quality of the switches that are being installed. Are they Dorman brand? If not, what brand are they? Are many different brands failing? Quality matters here, and quality is getting harder and harder to find today.


Only other reason I could see for brake switches failing one after the other would be incorrect adjustment - if the brake pedal arm is smashing into the body of the switch every time you let up. That would potentially create a situation where the brake lights don't light unless you're stomping the pedal.


The brake lights should come on with very light pedal pressure, and immediately turn off upon removing your foot from the pedal.

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