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Upfitter for 2024 2500HD AT4, Denali

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Anyone seen this? Not sure if modifying the cup holder package tray is for the 1500 refreshed truck or 2500HD. I'd like to see the instructions. There is nothing about it on the upfitter website.



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I agree. I think there are other places but the description isn't very clear. I'd like to see the install instructions before considering.

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I think I can provide some insight, but you might already know some or all of this.


In case you did not see it, an upfitter kit has been released for the 2024 HDs that puts the switch bank in the center of the dash under the climate control, above the center console. It does not fit the AT4 and Denali trucks, presumably this applies to AT4X as well. https://404parts.com/products/2024-silverado-sierra-hd-upfitter-auxiliary-switches-package


For the kit you linked to, 404Parts has put all the individual GM part numbers together that usually go into a full kit, minus the replacement trim panel, which isn't available yet.  This includes the switch bank, the fuse block, the power cable, and the hardware kit.

They are having you hack into your center console or on the gauge cluster trim panel, (shown above), to locate the switch bank.  To make this work you also have to purchase an extension harness as well.  I don't know if it would be possible to cut a hole for the switch bank in the AT4,AT4X,Denali knee bolster for a solution similar to the previous years models.

Supposedly there will be a kit out in 2025 that includes a replacement trim panel for the AT4,AT4X, Denali.


GM released a new upfitter integration bulletin for this, 193d, on May 30, 2024.  The previous version, 193c, was published on January 31, 2024.

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I’ve had my dash panels off for another project but did not notice if there was a place to mount the upfitter fuse box. I wish I would have took pics. 

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I removed the fuse panel today which is usually where the aux fuse box mounts on other models. I do not see any place to mount the aux fuse box like I see in Upfitter 193d. So is it possible they made a totally different dash panel for the AT4 and Denali compared to the other models that have the upfitter option available? If so I find it strange. 



Upper fuse panel off with flash on.jpg

Lower fuse panel off with flash on.jpg

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