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Oil Filters

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Last oil change about 2-3 wks ago i went to walmart.  Bought 10 oil filters.  50 cents each they had some "hidden" special going.  No signs or anything.  I bought all of them off the shelf.  ?.00 for 10 filters not bad.  

They are what gm recommends so thats what i use


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I would stick with the Delco filters.  I've never torn one down but I've been told they have a one-way valve of some sort to keep the oil from draining back down through the filter.  This is to help with start-up lubrication, and to avoid that dreaded knock!!!

(Edited by Shaners at 6:38 am on June 5, 2001)

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I like the Mobil 1 filter, but they are pricey (about ?).  I have a K&N oil filter on my 97 Sub (first time using the K&N at about ?) and will send my oil in to Blackstone Labs at the next oil change to see if any filtering differences in the Mobil 1 filter.  Someone said that Champion labs makes the Mobil 1 and the K&N but I'm not sure.

Most good filters have the anti-drainback valve that shaners talked about.  Also, if you like the Mobil 1 synthetic oil, Autozone usually runs a special in June and in the fall, if you buy a case of 6 quarts of Mobil1 then the Mobil 1 filter is only ?.

Good Luck,



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