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status update on my new lift/tires/wheels

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well, wednesday i dropped the truck off at 9am. that afternoon they called and said everything was going great, except my upper and lower ball joints were in really bad shape. he said since they already had the front end apart, they would replace them with new heavy duty ones at their cost no labor, a total of $240.00.

i told them to go ahead and definately change them out. well, everything went well until we found out their is a national shortage of nitto truck tires. so we scraped the nittos, and got 4 pro comp 305 70 17 tires. these pro comp tires have great reviews and look exactly like bfg all terrains. so they got the tires. next problem, the helo maxx wheels were 4 1/2 backspacing, but they sent the wrong off set. my truck needed zero offset. so the 4x4 shop found a set of 4 in cleveland, and sent a guy up there at 9am this morning. i just got a call 5:15 pm friday night, it is done and they said it looks WICKEDLY BAD. they also put in the rear view camera and mirror monitor(i traded them my old wheels and tires plus $300 for it) they said it looks killer. WELL, tommorow an noon i go to pick her up and i will post pictures, right after that. they said it rides smooth as glass, they also did an alignment. i am REALLY REALLY EXCITED to get her. i have been in deep withdrawl the last couple of days. driving a regular car SUCKS compared to the big CHEVY. :cheers::sigh::thumbs:

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