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My Stupid Friend

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Hey Guys!,

A good buddy of mine decided to go offroading in his DADS 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche! Bad Idea. He was goin and all the other people he was with were avoiding this certain "puddle." Being the stupid retart that he is decided to go through this "puddle" and got himself stuck. :D The dumb guy continues to accelerate which is throwing mud everywhere and just sinking his dads truck lower in the mud. Once the truck is in water up to the grill he decides to abandon ship! He called in our other buddy who has a 9000 pound winch and pulled him out. Anybody with half a brain could tell that the truck was not in condition bo be driven back home which is a bout one and a half hours away. Needless to say, the truck would not start so i drove him home :cry: and his dad wanted to shoot him. The following day, we went back there and called a tow truck to take his truck home. Took it to the local shop and the estimate was around $8000.00!!! The truck needs a new engine, new interior, new gastank and some other parts that got damaged. All he kept saying was "I cant believe the truck couldnt make it through that "puddle." I told him that it wasnt a puddle, that was a lake!!!!


Thought you would all like to hear this story of my dumb buddy!!


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Dumb mistake, I too would string him up for that :flag:


It's usually a good sign when people are avoiding something....there's a reason!



Way back when I was out with a bunch of friends doing some 4 wheelin we had a similiar experience. Again there was a huge puddle everyone was avoiding, some guy in this big bad Ford, who we didn't know, decided he was going to show everyone he was going to master the puddle. Turned out "the puddle" was a basement to house that had been torn down, the guy hit the puddle and down he went, he ended up drowning. Very sad someone has such a need to show-off and it costed him his life.


Hope your buddy learned his lesson.

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