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Quick noise in morning? Squawk...

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Hi guys, this is in the GMtech section also, but you all can hepl too :wtf: ...I notice that when I accelerate in the morning (cold esp) I can sometimes here a noise in the back (I guess) sounds like a squawk or maybe leaf springs flexing (the noise usually occurs in pairs like maybe the springs are flexing, rubbing against each other, then springing back...like..ehhh owww, real quick, not real loud either, only last during a quick take off, like something is flexed for a quick second). I suppose you can consider it a slight clunk or maybe the sound when the brakes have been sitting a while and they sort of make a sticking noise when released...not really sure but it is not real loud anyway...Funny thing is it only does this after sitting all night (or long periods of time) and when it is colder....and...only the first couple minutes of driving, first few take offs. It only happens if I accelerate from a stop and give it some gas...sounds like the TSB people talk about witht he slip/stick condition that a number of you have posted recently, but my truck is not listed on that, even the newest one I have seen, not sure of the date though. I do not feel this noise per se, it is not jerky, so it may not even be in the drivetrain to begin with, that I can feel anyway, but that TSB is not felt either, right? It is just a noise,...but a couple minutes later, I can take off fast or whatever and I hear nothing. I took her by a dealer this morning, said normal, just things expanding afer being cold all night and sitting still and settling, matter of fact by the time I left the lot, it was not doing it any longer (live about 1/2 mile away)...what do you think, no big deal right? I think it is the springs flexing until they settle since I do not notice any differenc in the way she drives...I just wanted to know what you think guys thought about this, thanks, later, :cry::fume::flag:

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