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4.8L Gas Mileage

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I have an '01 Sierra, Ext Cab, 4x4, with a 4.8L which up to a few weeks ago was getting around 14/15 mpg, with local driving and to / from work. I've noticed lately, that my milage has gone to about 12/13mpg.


The only thing that is different is that I installed a K/N Filter.


It can't be the filter...can it, or is it the winter blend crap.....or O2 sensor time???


I hope it's not the sensors, because this mutha has four of them......


Any Takers???


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Guest chevydeerhunter

I've got an '03 Silverado Ext cab 4x2 and I'm averaging 14 around town with a K&N, Flowmaster and a 4.8 in between. I'm guessing I can get better mileage if I kept my foot outta the gas. I guess your mileage isn't bad for a 4x4.

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