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Any Quadrasteer lovers or haters out there?


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Hey, Black Dawg. The Quadrasteers are the coolest trucks on the road- just ask me !!!

There's a few owners here, and GM-T is a great site, but for more specialized info.... you can't beat the premier website for all that is Quadrasteer and 4-wheel steering-


QuadrasteerClub.com !!!


Come join us !!! Click on the link in my signature.


Enjoy your Quad and take good care of it- the bozos at GM killed it for '06 :rolleyes:

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have it!! Luv it!! tow!! (a lot) with it!! 5th wheel!! have acumuulated 40k miles on my truck in 20 months, of those miles, about 75% has had 1 of 2 5th wheels attached!! Best d**n thing ever happened to full sized trucks/big suv's!! NOW GM says it did not go over (sell) well enough and they ARE dropping it after 05 model yr!! PSSSS's a guy like me off!! cause it is their fault it was not better advertised!! :rolleyes:

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