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Wet Carpet in rear of Suburban

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Last summer, I was fiddling around and found the carpet in the rear of my Suburban - behind the third seat - was wet. I pulled it up and dried it along with the padding.


I have barn doors. I pulled the weatherstrip off, cleaned it and put it back with weatherstrip adhesive. Never thought about it again.


I was 'fiddling' again today and found the carpet to be wet again. :cheers:


Has anyone with a Burb, Hoe or Yukon with or without barn doors had this problem? Is there somewhere else in the rear of these vehicles that water could be getting in? Most annoying!

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Do you have rear air?  If so, the drain may be plugged up...





Yes and I checked it. Plus I haven't run the air for a while.


I pulled the carpet up and only the very back of the carpet i.e. that closest to the barn doors is wet so I figure it is the weatherstrip. I pulled it off again and this time slapped some good old clear bath caulk on it before putting it back.


I have all the carpet up and the interior plastic removed. Now waiting for rain so I can see if water is still getting in.

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