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How much is my truck worth??


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Thinking about selling my truck. It's one of those deals where you can hardly wait to finish a project, but once you do you get bored and want to start all over. :withstupid:


Anywho...here's the specifics.


2004 2500HD Crew Cab LT 4x4 6.0L - Silverbirch/Gray Leather

33,000 miles

Green Keys

Bilstein shocks

315/70r17 BFG A/T's (1,100 miles on tires)

OEM Chrome H2 wheels (1,100 miles on wheels) (with factory polished 16" wheels/265/75r16 Michelin A/T's)

Tinted windows

PCM4LESS custom tune

Painted bumper cap and bowtie

Billet Grille

Escalade handles (haven't put them on yet) and painted tailgate handle/bezel

Alum Toolbox

SS bedrails

Debadged and de-moulded

GMC 8 piece Moulding




See pictures here


What would you guys ask if it were yours?

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I did just buy a new GMC Yukon XL but I did look at some GMC trucks when I was at some of the dealerships. The price of used cars are really bad right now. I traded in a 2004 car and was horrified at the trade-in value. The problem is that GMC is offering such huge rebates/discounts on the new cars that used car prices are getting killed.


For instance, the MSRP on my new GMC was around 52,000 and I bought it for around 41,000 (~11,000 of MSRP). So, the very high end a used 2004 exactly like my new car could go for is 41,000. The rebates/discounts on the new cars is pretty much shifting the price of used cars down by that much. Pretty good if your looking for a new car. So, I got a low price for the car I sold but then I got a really good deal on my new car.

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I have been thinking about selling my Silverado lately as well. I looked at Kelley Blue Book and it shows $11,900 and NADA shows $14,000, both trade-in values. We went to a dealer looking the other day and they offered us $9,000 trade-in. What's up with that???? They had similar used trucks on their lot for sale (same year, options, similar mileage) for between $14,000 and $17,000. Needless to say we walked away.


What happened to honest dealers? Or is that not possible?

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Sorry...its got 91,000 on it now. What gets me is the KBB and NADA values ($12,000 and $14,000) compared to what the dealer quoted. Like I said, then check the prices of other similar trucks on the lot and they are selling them for between $14,000 and $17,000. It just doesn't make sense!

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It makes perfect sense. They have to make money. And making $500 off of your trade-in doesn't cover their overhead for making the deal.


That's why selling it yourself is always a better deal. You can undercut what the dealer is charging for the same rig so it will sell faster, and still come out ahead.

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What he said.

Of course the asking price in the ones they're selling is more than the offer price on a similar trade, that's not dishonest, that's what they're in business to do. Furthermore by your won numbers I can see that they are also selling for less than KBB or NADA retail, so who's number's are wrong? :thumbs:

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