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Crew cab Duramax rolling on 22s!

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I finally got a chance to bolt my 22" wheels on today. They totally changed the looks for the truck! I'm just waiting for a ram air hood to come in along with a set of SSBC brakes with red calipers. These will complete the appearence mods. A Suncoast transmission will be going in next week. It will then be time to put some big power to the ground.




The camera at the back of the truck makes it VERY easy for one person to hook up to a trailer. It can be done on the first shot instead of getting in and out many times. This is the view as I was getting ready to back into my driveway at home right around dusk. The image inside the truck is crystal clear. The picture just doesn't show that though :withstupid:




This is the view behind the trailer. Good for backing up and seeing what is going on back there while cruising down the road.




Truck and trailer together.


This truck also has a bunch of other mods (2 DVD players, 3 screens, X-Box, satellite radio, painted grill shell, flares and mirrors, stainless steel grill, 6000k HIDs, Edge with Attitude, MBRP exhaust, Volant induction ect..). More pictures can details can be seen at -



My goal is about 500hp at the rear wheels when this is done.

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A few people have mentioned that. I think it's a combination of the picture angle, there aren't any load control bars on yet (those brackets are going on today) and hitch might need to be adjusted up one more notch. It usually doesn't put much weight on the truck. The trailer is aluminum. It probably weighs as much as my 24' steel Hallmark.

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I like the looks of everything, including the trailer! :devil:


I noticed you used the highest load-rated 22" tire (2910lbs) Nitto offers for the 404 series, so that was smart! :devil: What is the per tire load rating on GM's stock tires for a 2500HD these days?


Is there enough difference to hurt your truck's trailering capability?


I honestly didn't realize 22" tires were made with a load rating that high but I'm glad to see they are.

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Hmm.. the truck looks hip hop ..





Because with a name like Whitesnake, you are the authority on Cool.





By no means. It would be pretty depressing if people looked to me for cool tips. I am not exactly a point of reference. I just think those wheelies on an HD do not appeal to my taste. Are you suggesting that if you can't give accolades on this forum, you should be quiet? And yes, I have a white mustang cobra. Hence the name. Nothing else.

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