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Full Suspension Golf Cart


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2002 EZ-GO Golf Cart.


Strech Plastic's front a-arm kit with all new 'reverse 3 link' rear suspension. Only 3 carts have this rear kit as of 2 weeks ago.

Front suspension has 16" coil over shocks as well as the rear. The front also has a tighter aftermarket steering system.

Rear suspension has 12" of travel independently or 9" with both at same time. (according to Strech Plastic's)


When having this kit installed I got a ride in the company cart. They handed me a helmet and told me to hold on. He hit a jump and I was amazed and how smooth it landed! At full throttle over rough terrain this cart is incredibly stable. It soaks up anything you can throw at it


Bright lights mounted on the bumper.




Custom Painted Body (Silver w/ Red Racing Stripes)

Custom Front & Rear Seat Upholstery (Silver, Red w/ Black Piping) (matches paint)


23" ITP Mud-Lite tires on C-Series wheels with chrome hubs caps and lug nuts

A real keyed on/off switch (So not any EZ-GO key will work on this cart).

Carbon fiber dash with 3 lit toggle switches. 1 for head lights, 1 for red underglow lighting and 1 for lighted whip.

Rad-Lite (very bight) LED tail lights.

VERY loud air horn with foot switch.

Receiver hitch (to tow or for a rear step).


All the bling billet parts: steering shaft cover, steering wheel adaptor, kick panels, choke plate, shift knob, gas & brake pedals, and oil filler & gas cap.

Grant steering wheel.


Motor: 295cc with added oil cooler, exhaust system, custom jetting by Strech Plastic's, Performance 28 degree rear clutch, drive belt and front comet clutch spring.


Clutch Info:

Performance Drive Clutch Spring:


The performance drive clutch spring (commonly referred to as the "blue spring") installs in the primary drive clutch. This is a stiffer spring which delays the drive clutch from engaging right away, allowing the engine to rev up more, thus allowing more RPMs at time of clutch engagement.


Short Drive Belt:


The advantage to a shorter drive belt is the ability to get and keep RPMs up at low speeds and thus increase climbing ability. Since both the drive and drive clutch control what "gear" you are in, the shorter belt changes raises the "shift points" all the way from takeoff until top speed. As we all know, higher RPMs mean more climbing ability. These motors are short stroked and aren't producing enough torque to climb much at low RPMs.


Performance Driven Clutch:


The performance driven clutch changes the way the transmission "shifts" and gets it to hold a lower "gear" longer, thus allowing engine rpm to increase and thus deliver more power.



This golf cart has lots of torque over a stock cart and rides and lands smooth from jumps. Turns on a dime and is very stable!

We had this built from South Coast Customs just before Presidents Day. Then had the Suspension upgraded just before Easter.


$9,500 OBO. I am in Santee (San Diego area) -619-867-4730 Delivery possible. Will also trade for a decent car for the wife.

Reward: if you refer this cart to a friend and or post it on another forum (off-road related or river related etc etc) and it sells near the asking price AND the buyer mentions your name or screen name I will pay you $100!!


Note: Some pic's taken before the suspension upgrade.








Rear 'reverse 3 link'



Front kit before installiation. Bottom view.




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