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about catilyctic covertors




:P I just bought a 1999 C2500 4x4 crew cab and someone gutted the cats. I don't like the sound comeing from the empty cats and my gas milage is really bad, I'm talking around 9 MPG. This week I plan on getting new ones put back on. People tell me I wqould have less back pressure and more power to leave them off. Another guy tells me with them on, more back pressure would make the 350 vortec run better and my gas milage would get better. I want to ask the experts so here I am. Thanks a bunch

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The engine's fuel control was designed with the cats in mind, but really, I doubt you're going to see a major difference, fuel mileage wise, with or without.


That's just my opinion. I have no facts to back that up.

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