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westin tube steps

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I have a set of westin tube steps on my truck , they been on just about two years now and was looking them over the other day and the paint around the bends (front and back) are peeling off, i really thought that they would last better longer then this ! is this something that is covered under the warrenty ? i can't find the papers that i got with them or the correct date i bought them, i now i have them somewhere but can seem to get my hands on them yet ! but i was thinking that they had a 5yr warrenty on them does anybody know if this is coverd ? thanks !

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Signature Series Mild Steel 3 year

Signature Series Stainless 5 Year

Platinum Series Limited Lifetime


Go to the place you bought them from and have them pull your invoice... thats all you need. Westin Authorized Dealers can make the exchange for you as long as you are the original buyer of the bars.....and maybe if you have previous owners info... they may honor it.


I always tell my customers.... save your money for the stainless nerf bars. Even if you don't buy Westin, make sure they are stainless...


If you dont like chrome they should be powdercoated.... if black... not Painted...


Good thing about the Westin Platinums, They are Chromed Stainless---and Black Powdercoat Stainless Steel... for us New Englanders, Stainless is imperative.

my .02

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