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Can someone tell me how to stop this leak?

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Please click on the picture below. You can't really see the oil droppings because I wiped it clean before the picture was taken. But notice all the oil collected on the cross beam. How do I stop this leak? Is there a seal in there or is it bigger than that?


It's leaking right out of that black rubber cover over the driveshaft, see pic:


Transfer case



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Wow! I've got the front driveshaft entering the front pumpkin (front differential) leak also!! :wtf:


Check out attached pic...

Front diff leak


Any idea on how to fix this? Is it coming from this spot or is it coming from somewhere else and making its way to this area?



Sure that is not a picture of my truck??


About a month ago when I last serviced my truck, I noticed the same leak as well as where the frint driveshaft enters the front pumpkin.  :chevy:




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How difficult is it to take out the old one and put in a new seal? I've heard nightmare stories from buddies with jeeps. Any special tips on replacing this seal?


Does this apply to the front diff also? I've got a leak there where the shaft enters the front diff.




There's an oil seal on the splined output shaft from the transfer case. That's the seal that's leaking.






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