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Trucks you have owned

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1999 Dodge Dakota Sport ext cab 4x2 w/3.9L V-6. auto trans. Bought brand new. Owned from 7/99 to 3/03.

This truck was a total tool. Aside from the nice ride, good handling, and comfy interior:


- The 3.9L V-6 was rough running, crude, and had 4 banger power with V-8 fuel economy. Had constant spark knock issues that were never completely resolved. Idled rough, stalled sometimes when putting it in park (never for the dealer of course).


- Cab mounts were bad from the start. Could feel a mighty crunch/clunk when pulling into a driveway on an incline.


- Trans went bad at 40K


- Constant front end issues from the start. Clunks, squeaks. Dealer put in several new tie rod ends and a couple ball joints in.


- Paint quality horrible.


- Two seat cushions failed (no, I'm not fat).


- Cat converter went bad around 40K.


- And bunch of other minor annoying stuff I can't remember at this time


Most of the above happened early in it's life. Also, horrible dealer customer service (tried a few). Probably what made my experiences with this truck so bad. I'll never buy another Dodge. I had an open CarFax account a few months back and carfaxed it. It has been totalled and crushed as of a few years ago, LOLZ....how fitting. It also had its engine replaced around 70K, probably from all the spark knock pounding it into oblivion, just like I told the dealer would happen. :(


2000 GMC Sierra Z71 ext cab. 5.3L. Bought a few months ago at 70K miles:


Great power with the 5.3L. Super comfy interior. Strong looking truck. Ride is a bit on the stiff side but its a truck. VERY easy to work on the engine.


I won't lie, it has a lot of problems that need to be resolved. But it has an excuse: It's 10 years old. I'll get it up to speed eventualy. Besides the fixable issues, my only real complaints is the piston slap on cold start and that the tranny holds 2nd gear until over 30mph when it's cold out (until it warms up enough). Kind of a dumb and annoying feature.

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1987 Ford Bronco 4x4 Inline 6

1990 Nissan Hard body Extended cab 2.4L 4x4 Lifted

1991 Mazda Navajo 4x4

1993 Nissan Hard body Extendec cab SE-V6 4x4

1996 Ford F150 Extended cab 5.9L 4x4

1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Lariet 5.9L 4x4

2001 S10 Crewcab LT 4.3L 4x4

2003 Silverado LS 5.3 4x4 Lifted

2007 GMC Sierra Vmax 6.0 4x4


Thats all the trucks I've owned that I can think of.

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2000 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab Z71 5.3 *Sold Aug 2009

2008 Chevy Tahoe 2wd 5.3 *Still own (Wife's daily driver)

2010 Chevy Silverado CC Z71 6.2

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79 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 - ordered it with a 400 and lockout front hubs. They kicked it back and had to have Warn lock-outs installed after it arrived. Great truck, loved it. Added an auxillary fuel tank for trips to Colorado.


96 Chevrolet Tahoe - Ordered it and had it in about 11 weeks. Great truck. Put 60k miles on it.


99 Chevrolet Z71 4x4 PU - also ordered this one. Every option available and was a nice truck but it was the roughest riding truck I had ever been in. At 20k I found it a new home.


04 Chevrolet Z71 Tahoe - loved the truck. Totalled in head on collision at 5500 miles. Other vehilce crossed center line in corner and hit me.


03 GMC Denali - Bought with 8k miles. Best truck I owned to dated. Drove it for 60K miles. That thing would go anywhere and got 18.3 MPG at 75-80 all day long.


07 GMC Denali - love the truck but hate the 6 speed tranny. I travel on the road quite often and this thing just searches for gears on the slightest grade. I have had 3 dealerships look at it and they all say its fine. Must baby it to get 17 mpg on the road and anything less than a KS flat rock road, you need to NOT use the cruise or it just loads up the R's downshifting and holding gears. Other than that I thoroughly enjoy the truck. It has gobs of power and ready for a BB tune.

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1973 K20 full time 4x4 with a 350 and auto trans. An absolute tank (in a good way) wish I could have it back.


1977 C10 Scottsdale 305 with auto. Ran like a top rusted like an early jap car.


1977 Chevy Monte Carlo. Got me in trouble to often so I traded back a year and bought my next ride....


1976 Jeep Wagoneer. Worst gas mileage I ever had which led me to my next truck.....


1988 Jeep Comanchee 4cyl standard. Nice little truck and it cost about $7,000 new.


1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. Was fun but I missed my trucks.


1990 Ford F-150 standard cab XLT 4x4. Had the paint that fell off if you drove over 40mph.


1992 Ford F-150 Extended cab XLT 4x4. White and dark blue two tone. The first truck I dressed up and it turned heads.


1993 Ford Bronco (full size) had the Eddie trim. Put 33s on her and she would go anywhere.


1995 GMC 1500 extended cab 4x4. Was a canadian truck. Served me well.


1998 Chevy 1500 extended cab 4x4. Had the 305 and was a bit under powered.


2001 Chevy Silverado standard cab short box. Bought it for looks but missed the extended cab functionality.


2003 Ford F-250 extended cab 4x4 with the V-10. My favorite Ford. Great truck.


2005 F-150 extended cab 4x4 XLT. Good truck but I missed my Super duty.


2007 Nissan Titan SE 4X4. Holy cow this truck would move. A true blast to drive. Like a sports car.


2009 GMC Sierra 4x4 extended cab. Fell in love with the interior and the exterior is growing on me. She seems to be doing fine.


Not sure what will be next. I am kind of hoping GM comes out with something to compete with the Raptor. I probably couldn't afford it but it's fun to think about.

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1991 4x4 S-10 Blazer-

great little truck, was my high school/college ride. put almost 100k on her, blew the trans once and the transfer case once. sold it to a kid who drove it around for a few more years before it dide. that truck went through every snow pile i pointed it at!


1998 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT-

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1991 4x4 S-10 Blazer-

great little truck, was my high school/college ride. put almost 100k on her, blew the trans once and the transfer case once. sold it to a kid who drove it around for a few more years before it dide. that truck went through every snow pile i pointed it at!


1998 4x4 Dodge Ram Ext Cab 1500 SLT-

Bought it used with 50k miles, went through two transmissions, had it lifted 6" with 35s. beat the crap out of it off road. LOVED that truck. out about 75k miles on it. should have kept it for fun.


1989 4x4 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4.

Bought it on ebay for 500 bucs. Used fire dept truck with 60k miles and lots of rust. FUN. drove it around for a while and sold it for 2500 bucs after gettin wheels and tires and cleaning it up a bit.


2008 4x4 Dodge Ram reg cab TRX4-

bought brand spankin new, great truck, lots of power, reg cab was a bad idea, my dog got too big. 15 sec 1/4 mile on 33" tires and still great off road. put 40k miles on it in 2 years.


2009 4x4 GMC Sierra SLE Crew cab-

so far so good with 1200 miles on the ticker. Not as gutsy as the dodge but it aint bad. well see if im GM wins me over.

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1985 chevy k5 blazer-parents truck but my first vehicle that i drove when i got my license

1992 s10 blazer-my first truck. 4x4 but only 2 inches off the ground, now it has a body lift and getting a suspension lift, its in peices but getting close to being painted

1989 blazer

1991 blazer

1987 blazer

1988 s10

1997 sonoma body dropped 4" air ride, convertable, just gotta finish the rear suspension and paint it.

1979 chevy pick up

1986 chevy 1500

1997 dodge dakota 2wd 5 speed 4 banger, good truck bought it totaled rebuilt it then parted it out so i could use the parts on my 2000 dakota

2000 dakota problems from the begining, blew gears in the rear end, next year blew the transfer case, last 2 years blew the overdrive unit up, putting it back together soon and selling

1995 gmc sierra rusted body and high miles but runs great and good 4 wheel drive

1994 gmc sierra decent body and great interior and good motor and tranny but cracked frame using body off this and frame from the 95 to make 1 good truck with a big lift.


these are all the ones i remember im sure there have been more plus many cars too.

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1974 Ford F100-My First truck, she was a beauty, a simple reliable workhorse. Got stolen christmas 1978, got her back two weeks later (left rear smashed, blown transmission and no hood or left door). Never the same truck after that, plagued with issues from the "joy riding abuse" she suffered evening after fixing er up, but had it until 1990.


1987 Buick Grand National- I LOVED this car, had it only six months and got t-boned by a drunk dude in a corvette doing 90 through a red light (put me in the hospital for a good while)


1987 Chevy K20- A real workhorse hauled and towed just about everything with this truck. Used it for work, offroading, fishing, hunting you name it.


1996 Chevy K1500- Still have her to this day, I think the GMT-400 is on of the best truck designs there has ever been.


2002 Camaro Z28- Low mileage garage queen, currently has 9,000 miles and is a blast to drive


2009 Silverado 2500HD- My new workhorse

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06 Toyota Tacoma. Great truck. Looks great - especially after I lifted it and made it my own. I ended up getting rid of it because I needed a full size to accommodate my growing family. I miss it sometimes. I wish I could have kept it along with my new Vmax.




And the new one, as I'm a bit of a picture whore:



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1971 Chevy Custom/10 - drove that from '97 to '02. Good truck, chevy orange and white, 350, 4bbl carb. I miss that truck.


2009 Silverado 1500 - Only had it for about 3 weeks now, but so far no complaints at all.

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1st truck was a 1979 ford long wheel base and baby blue paint, and rust. I got it outta the junk yard for free ( my grandfather owned a wrecker service) It had the ol straight 6 in it. Perfect starter truck for a 15 yr old. :lol:


2nd truck was a 90 model ford f-150, 5 speed . My first truck to dress up. Had a nice set of rims on it. It went through my highschool years. Poor truck


3rd truck was an 01 silverado single cab with a short bed and the 5.3. My 1st V8! I really put this truck through hell.

I went everywheres with my foot on the floor. I had my license suspended twice with this one :flag:

It was a tough truck though. I sold it last month. It had 250,000 miles on it, hard miles! And it was still running good.

Only work I did was regular maintence, fuel pump at @150k miles, and an idle pulley at @180k miles. I already miss that truck.


4th truck (play truck) was an 83 ford bronco. 4x4, full size. It had a 351 windsor, a 4 barrel carb, 6 in suspension lift and 38x12.50x15 superswampers ( talk about a gas guzzler) I had loads of weekend fun in this thing. Oh and straight pipes from the motor to the bumper. No, cats no mufflers, just pipe :lol:


5th truck is my current 09 sierra. 5.3 ext cab. Family got bigger, had to ditch the single cab, bucket seat.

Not much done to it yet. I did get the front windows tinted to match the back, and I have about a day or 2 left till my exhaust arrives.

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88 Chevy Cheyenne - No complaints, it was my first truck in highschool and was the shit.

04 Nissan Frontier ext cab - Bought this brand new right after I came in the military, it was a sweet little truck, but being stationed in South Dakota is put the 4cyl through hell. Ended up getting rid of it due to family expansion after I got back from my first deployment.

05 Nissan Titan ext cab. - Badass truck, I loved every bit of it. the only reason I got rid of it was due to the new GMT900 body style that I loved and the fact that I wanted a CC.

09 Sierra CC - I'm happy now :flag:

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first truck, 1999 GMC sierra 3500, absolutley loved everything about this truck would die for another one.. only complaint was that it didnt have the 454. had about 150k when i made the decision to sell because of gas and it needed about 2k in parts. that was a mistake



next vehicle was my graduation present, 2003 suburban 5.3 4x4 LT dark green with 130k when i got it. the tranny was replaced at 120k since the original completly blew. only other parts EVER replaced were a alternator/battery at about 70k and a water pump just a few weeks ago. its a now a garage whore and dosent get driven much since im going to keep it forever


current vehicle 2001 silverado ECSB. details in sig. wasnt planning on getting this truck but i could not pass up the absolutley amazing deal i got on it. I like it a lot, i takes a hell of a lot of abuse, i mean everything, extreme off road, constant hot-rodding, burnouts, drifting, even a few jumps here and there. only has 55k miles got it with about 40k. love the G80 and the 5.3 complaints, lack of longbed, creaky interior. hopefully she holds up as the miles start rolling in



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:flag: I have an 84 Chevy K20 My first truck, the 350 died at 56K, then the 400 turbo at 68 rebuilt it twice, then decided to put a tci 400 in and it is awesome. back to the motor, after original died put in 350 crate motor and it ran awesome. Now it is my toy and just converted it into a 383 and it made 413hp and 407tq at the rear wheels


I had a 96 K1500 with 350 and I could out run the 5.3 with no sweat, I loved that thing it would just run and run, but i had the chance to sell it a huge profit so i did, oh well.


Next i got a 04 ecsb 4x4 with 5.3L after a few mods to the motor it was amazing great fuel mileage and good room did not like the short bed. Put 95K of trouble free milage.


Now i drive an 09 2500HD 4x4 with the LY6 and 6L90E and I love the power the ruggedness is unbelievable. Gas mileage could be better but the motor makes up for it in performance. The tranny is something to get used to but I like how it always seems to find the right gear to be in.


I will post pics of my 84 and 09 soon when i get the photos on my computer

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