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FS: Aux input for 03 and up headunits


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Only used a couple of months. I'm selling because I got an iPod and bought an adapter specifically for the iPod. This adapter costs $100 new. I'll take best offer.


The device is like new except that one of the wires on the smaller harness has a splice connector on it where I had to splice in a wire from my cell phone kit so that the stereo would mute when a call came in. This will not affect the performance of the adapter at all.


This adapter is for '03 and up stock headunits. It will not alter OnStar performance. If you have a disc changer or XM, you will lose them with this adapter. You need a head unit with a 'band' button for this adapter to work.

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Or should I say, can I use XM, 6 disc changer and 2 amps?



How would I hook that up?





Well, the answer is yes and no.


It would allow you to connect an XM tuner and a changer to you headunit via RCA cables. Thus you'd have analog-quality sound input to your headunit from these units. You could toggle between the two with the band button on your head unit, and with the source button on your steering wheel. You would not, however be able to control these devices with your headunit (with this adapter). You'd have to have a separate device for changing tracks and CD's on your changer, and you'd have to have one of those auxilliary XM interfaces mounted somewhere in order to control your XM and see the song info.


In short, you can do it, but this is not the ideal setup for XM and CD changers, unless you're looking to keep your stock headunit, but not control these functions with the headunit.

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Still for sale. Make an offer.


Surely there's someone out there who would like to have a bargain price on a device that would give them a 'line-in' on their headunit for an mp3 player, portable dvd player, laptop, etc...

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