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Lots of questions about aftermarket engine upgrade

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Im new for starters. I just bought a 2005 silverado z71 4x4 with the 5.3 liter.

I want to get better gas mileage and power.


So i have a few questions and would like answers from anybody with an opinion or anybody who has bought these things. I have looked the forums over with the search feature but i get so many opposite answers i dont know what to do except ask.


1) All my vehicles have had a k&n filter. Always had good luck with a noticable power increase. I want a full intake system for this truck. What is a good one and what experience have you guys had with yours. I have looked at Airaid, vorlant, k&n so far. Not sure which to get.


2)Mass flow intake sensor---never had one and even after reading about one called a gravitelli?(spelling) im not sure if it is a gimmick or not. Its like $380 for this thing. do they work and are there any dyno test on them.


3)Exhaust--I have read good things about magnaflow and not so good on flowmaster. My last truck had a Giblson on it. I am looking for airflow increase but not a huge sound increase.


4)Do i need a chip if i do the above--If i add the intake and the exhaust will it mess up the computer. If i have to get a chip which do you suggest.


Thank you for your time and answers.

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Hi, Amra.


First, before anything else, get a custom tune. Wester's tunes are unbeatable. Check my sig and do a search- better economy AND HUGE performance gains.


Don't waste your money on throttlebody spacers or new sensors- you need neither right now. Personally, I'd also stay away from ANYTHING Granetalli. I've heard nothing but negative reviews on them...


Intakes- Outlaw intakes are getting nothing but rave reviews right now. I like the aFe I have waiting to go on, but need to see what difference it makes over my current Volant (which ain't bad...)


Exhaust- I personally like Corsa systems, but this is going to probably be more of a sound decision- which has the sound you're looking for. Listen to a few if you can before plopping down your money.



Welcome to GM-Trucks :ughdance:

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It all depends on what you plan to do with your truck. Main thing is relizing you only have 325 cubic inches to play with. If you start messin with intakes cams and exhaust you start moving the power band to a different range. Most 4x4's need lot's of torque. The 5.3 doesn't have much and it kicks in about 2000-2500 rpm. If you add a aftermarket intake or a TB spacer you are usually adding to the plenum volume and effectively raising the rpm of peak torque. Same with Full lenght headers. More top end than bottom. The factory truck intake is great to 6000rpm where the ls1(corvette,camero) intake is good to 6500-7000.

IMO a good tune will do wonders for you. Drivability goes way up. The stock mass air flow is fine the way it is, there is not enough gain with the aftermarket to justify it. Of course you could always swap in a 6.0 and be done with it.

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