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Part number for mirror GLASS ONLY on a 98 tahoe

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Several years ago I worked at a store that sold replacement glass for windows, doors and automotive windows.


We just cut a piece of mirror glass out of a template and sanded the edges. No different unless you want one of those "objects are closer than they appear" mirrors. The cost was about $9.00. Or you can go to a dealer and spend 5 times that.


The class has an epoxy on it that is attached to a round plastic thingy. This thingy snaps onto a round thingy inside the mirror housing that is powered by the electric mirror control.


The glass shop would just silicon the mirror to the old clip thingy, attach it to the housing and tape it there. After about a day the silicon was cured and you could remove the tape.


Moral to the story is...go to your neighborhood glass shop and save yourself a lot of $$$.

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