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Intake/Exhaust modify Shift?

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I hope to not cause a war that I have seen in a few other posts around here but I have a few questions for ya... :D


When I had straight pipes (no tune at the time) the engine would surge when in cruise and going down hill. Put the stock muffler back on and not more surge. Also no DTC's were set.


Installed a "tune" from whomever (no names) and been doing great. Still looking for more mileage....


Added a new intake system. Seems fine but now the tranny shifts hard. Put the stock filter back on and no hard shifts. (I am not talking about a firm shift. I mean it seems like the tranny has gone into full pressure mode) Also no DTC's set.


Why would a free flow exhaust cause surging and a free flow intake cause different shift patterns?

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Basically I took off the air box and slapped on a new style filter for the truck. I used a K&N E-1796 style (I think this is used in the 99 style years).


The flange fits right into the connection where the MAF used to hook into the old air box. Since doing this I have more "butt" acceleration and my mileage so far has jumped by about 1mpg or more. Will no more in the next fill up.


I am in the process of building an airbox that will utilize a "ram" affect from one of the inlets in the bumper (only the 2500's and 3500's have)


But right now I have a few brackets holding the filter and MAF so they do not shake apart. (This also includes the normal clamp around the MAF holding the filter flange in place)


I turned down the shift firmness and shift soonness last night to stock levels (took advise about the shift points from another thread) and it helped alot but still shifts very firm. I uploaded the Facotry tune back into the truck and it still shifts firm. But I went back to the tune as the facotry one felt like I had to get out and push the truck... Makes me glad I got one. But anyway......does this help?

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