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No illumination on my window control switches

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I was driving home last night and realized that I no longer have illumination on my four window control switches on the drivers door.


Is it fiber optic or is there a bulb in the door panel?


Anyone had this problem?


'99 Yukon (obs)

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Howdy man,

I have a 2001 and there are 2 bulbs in there. At least for mine. There is one for the front windows and window lock, and a rear bulb for the rear windows and door lock switches.

I used my new CoolHeat soldering iron, took the bulb out, went to the local RadioShack, bought a replacement, installed it and now it's fine. In fact, the new bulb's color is whiter, although the new and old bulbs looked similar. So now I can very easily tell at a quick glance which switches are for the front windows! If this bothers you, just buy 2 new bulbs (if yours requires two).


Inside my switch assy was kinda like a fibre optic setup. They use clear plastic to transfer the light's output towards the underside of the switches. I guess so one or two bulbs can do the job of 5 or 6.


All in all, not a hard fix.




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I have a similar problem with my stero in my 99' silverado, at night some of the buttons don't illuminate (#2,#3,#5,#6) only the #1 and #4 (one above the next) light up.


Is there a blub thats easy to replace in there, do I have to remove the entire stero or could I just "pop" off the buttons an work from there???

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