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Customizing a Crew Cab

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Here is what I have done so far



6" lift with 35s



painted the engine trim white to match



installed a rear view camera to see if any little people are behind me



and don't forget my hitch cover..... skull with eyes that light up with the brakes! now that is cool :D:thumbs:



Happy modding!

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Man.... that is one fine-ass truck :thumbs:


Killer, you, too. I'm never big on decals, but that fits yours nicely :D


Jim, got tinted windows yet ?? That's my #1 item.


Black chrome seems to be making a nice comeback (yea !!). A white truck, black chromed out, would look killer !!! Grill, step tubes, wheels, bumpers...



Mmmmmm..... black chrome.....

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Just add some meaty wheels and tires, paint the mirrors, door handles, and tailgate latch the same color as the truck, or go with the Escalade handles. That's a good starting point. And make sure you do the Wester's tune.

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I like the stealth approach myself...keeping the truck as close to stock as possible with minor modifications. But the mods make her go...Westers and Volant!


Another thing to consider about lots of mods...sometimes when you are selling your truck the mods don't appeal to all buyers. Or it is sometimes difficult to get the $$$ out of your truck with all the mods on it.


Either way, have fun, and make her look like you want her to look.

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