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Got my tuned PCM Friday

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I went ahead and went with a Nelson's tune. It ended up being cheaper than a westers and I feel from the results I got maybe better. I was impressed with the 2 day shipping and that will come in handy with updates.


I had it tuned for 89-93 dual, abuse mode removed, 100% tM remove on engine/trans, shift points changed, top speed removed, and a few other things. I also had the shifts firmed up a bit @ WOT.


It ended up being too firm at WOT for my liking. With 100% of the TM gone, and a hard shift 1-2 2-3 I was a bit concerned. I called Allen up and asked if he could soften them up some. I don't want it shifting that hard when longevity is the key with this truck. I also could not get the crank angle learned so another tune is on it's way and will be here Wednesday.


As for driving/power. There is a 100% night and day difference. I was amazed. For a huge truck that thing will haul ass now. Even the wifey said "it feels faster--like we don't have a trailer behind the truck"


It all paid off when she approved it---after she nearly cussed me out over it..haha.

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100% removal is fine with a 4l80e. It can handle plenty of power. I have had the pedal on the floor maybe, and I mean maybe a total of 5 times since I've owned the truck since new. I baby it and dont drive hard--it's a weekend toy since I'm stuck in my work truck all week.


With 100% removal it's perfectly fine as long as you're smart and dont beat on your ride.

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$490 for the tune

$20 for 2 day shipping

$150 core


I believe Westers is

$525 for the tune

$40 for shipping --takes about a week from Canada?????

$150 for the core.



ls1 guys swear by Nelson. I figured I'd go with this tune because the ls1 guys are in it for speed/racing. I am glad I made the choice.

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No they're $529 to be exact.


All 2003-2005 C3, Denali, Escalade, Chevrolet and GM S10/Sierra Series and HD series trucks with below engine configurations. Includes '04-05 Buick Rainier 5.3L !!

4.3L L35 V6, 4.8 LR4 V8, 5.3L LM7 V8, 5.3L FFV V8, 5.7L L3 V8, 6.0 LQ4 V8, 6.0L LQ9 V8 and 8.1L L18 engines and powertrain combinations including Workhorse and Motorhomes (60+HP gain).


Westers says 60+ gain...I believe it, but one guy on another forum did a dyno with nelsons, intake, exhaust and got well over 60.


It's truely amazing how much can be unleashed.



I went ahead and put my factory pcm back in today while I wait on the new tune. I am skittish about the 100% TM removal and the firm shifts. Id rather keep factory shifts and 100% tm so its easier on the trans...

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That is awesome.


I want to make 2 comments.


1. I agree that 100% TM can be removed when using the Vortec 6000 and the 4L80-E transmission. By design the factory 4L80-E can transfer 420 lbft of torque and spin no higher than 5200 RPM. Even with this "Mega" Tune you are still well within the limits of the 4L80-E with room to grow. I just want you to feel more confident that your transmissions abilities are preserved. However, too much ECM Shift Firmness robs the rest of transmission of needed fluid. Back that down a tad or install a "Shift Kit" that modifies the valve bodies fluid passage.


2. In stock form, the PCM will only allow the engine to rev to ~4600 RPM in 3rd gear (99 MPH). Most dyno's run in 3rd gear for the 1:1 ratio which allows for results that are "more accurate" than running in 2nd gear, so the engine can never actually build peak power. After a tune, this limit is removed as well as updating the other engine parameters, so a major gain in HP is actually documented.

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GUYS............You should also check out the Hypertech3 and

the Diablo Preditor hand held tuners...................

A heck of a lot cheaper at $329 and $389 shipped to you.


You can change the tune settings/tire sizes/torque mgt. etc.

at the push of a button or remove the tune at will.


I like being able to remove the tune esp. if dealer warranty

service is needed. No matter what the GM Tech machine

can tell a modded PCM is installed.

Possibly leading to warranty hassles...................


Another plus with the handheld units is when the tune is

unloaded you can use the handheld unit to read codes and

erase them (in some cases) on ANY OBD2 GM vehicle.......


I currently run the Hypertech 3 unit.

It sure wakes up my 6.0 !!!!!!!!!


Buy what ya want anyhoo..........ANY of these tuners are worth the $$$!

..................geo :cheers:

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You really can't beat what nelson/westers can do vs a handheld. Handheld removes SOME TM but not all. It still keeps things in safe areas and of course improves over factory. For a real increase go with a custom tune nelson/westers.


As for going to the dealer---a pcm swap from nelson back to factory is maybe 10 min, hence the reason why i kept my core.


Also for the shifting firmness. I will try out this new one (Another nelson tune--but different stuff). Hopefully I will be able to learn the crank angle when ti comes in, and the shift firmness will be good. If it's still to firm @ wot I may just have the shifting firmness put back to stock ....we'll see. I don't mind paying the shipping costs--I have a LOT of confidence in Allen now that I have talked to him several times.

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