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Auto Trans control 2002 5.3 4X4

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A neighbor just bought the a 2005 Duramax with the auto trans - Allison. I test drove it and on the gear shift lever instead of a 1 position button like on my gas 2002 5.3 it had a double function.


First, just like my 2002 gas, when you push the shift lever button it goes in and out of tow/haul mode - so far so good.


Second, if you hold the button in for a while, it also acts like the Ford auto's and goes in and out of overdrive lockout for more control.


I kind of like that dual function. So, is that unique to the Allison transmission or is there a mode we can do to get the same feature on our gas trucks.





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Put your gear selector into 3....


The 5-Speed Allison has that function so that you can lock out 5th without putting it in 3, otherwise GM couldn't use the same shift lever assembly and IP stuff as in the 4-spd auto trucks. On the new 6-speed Allison, you move it through PRNDM1, where M allows you to select 1-6 using a set of buttons.


Putting your gear selector into 3 is the same as locking out O/D for him. I put mine in 3 around town, overdrive at 25 my ass.

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