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Take the Vararam Challenge!


VaraRam is offering an industry first once again! The all new try it before you buy it promotion!! That’s right ,we are giving you the customer the opportunity to try a VaraRam air induction system for 30 days! If you are not satisfied with the product simply return it, you are out nothing!! No Credit card fees, no restocking fees!! We’ll

even pay the return shipping costs!!!! You are out nothing!!!


If you like the system keep it and your Credit card will be charged $299 + $20 shipping.


Why would VR do such a Promotion you ask? The answer is simple -- direct customer feedback. We want forum members to contact us directly via e-mail or by phone with their feedback .This is how we improve our products beyond just outright performance.

If you’ve been thinking about a VaraRam system, NOW is the time!!!!!!!


We have chosen to introduce this all new promotion on our VR-6 ram air induction system. This system has seen many updates since its original introduction to fit all full size GM SUV and Truck applications from 2000-2005 and we would like to give forum members the opportunity to sample the latest VR-6 system for 30 days Free of charge.


Here is how the promotion works:

Simply go online to the VR online store and click VR-6 Promotion

Fill out the form as a normal order; your credit card will be authorized NOT charged!

(This guards against theft)

Or call us toll free at 1-866-507-2648 and ask for the VR-6 promotion


The 30 days starts from the time you receive the product Via UPS.

At the end of 30 day trial period if you have not contacted VR for a return you’re Credit

card will be charged $299 + $20 shipping (Limit 1 unit per customer)


There is a no hassle return policy at VaraRam! We have guaranteed the performance of our products for years!! We are the only company that does this in the industry!! We want customers to have a happy VR experience even if you don’t use our products.


The only catch is that this promotion is for 1 week only!! At the end of this week (Saturday August 20,2005) it’s gone, so hurry, we invite you to feel and

Experience the Vararam Difference.


To order: Vararam Industries

Or call toll free Mon-Fri 9am-4pm central time 1-866-507-2648

In Canada call 713-477-8100

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I took the challenge. I spent $300 bucks. The only reason its still on the truck is so I won't have to admit I p1$$ed away the money. No mpg difference. No HP difference. (I will admit I never had an opportunity to check for a 1/4 mile time difference but I should be able to feel any improvement big enough to make a difference.




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