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Can I put a Flex-Fan on my existing clutch?

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From what I am reading I all I see is the best of both worlds...


Our Stock fan is a very heavy chunk of steel... It spins hard till around 2000 rpms or something.. Then it freewheels.. But NOT freely.. Still Turning that Mass at about 30% during normal driving..


If I go to a full Flex-Fan and remove the clutch... I'll have a lighter fan.. BUT it will still be spinning at full speed during normal driving.. Even though the blades are flat at that point.. Still a load..


the Combo, would have a flex fan on the clutch.. then at low rpms the blades still have pitch..But even when the clutch lets off...It will still be spinning with with full pitch.. But be significantly lighter...


Or.... is there a very light replpacement for the stock fan??

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I just ordered a set of 05 E-fans and a wire harness. I should have it by the end of the week. Hope to install it next weekend. The harness I ordered uses PCM pin 42 to turn on the fans based on temperature and taps into the A/C lead to kick on with the A/C.


In order to use PCM pin42 you need a tune that has that pin turned on. I has westers turn mine on when I ordered my tune.


Overall I will have $300 invested in this mod.


If you look into 05 e-fans you need to have a 34 inch radiator. I believe truck with a 6.0 or larger or suv's with rear heat and air are the only ones with this rad. Most 1/2 ton trucks will have a 28 (?) inch radiator. That is the width of the finned area not the outside of the tanks.

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