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gauge pods, cups, and mounting options...

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After seeing the trans temp thread, and the aeroforce interceptor scan gauge, I had to have one, so I ordered one, and it shoudl be here tomorrow. I am considering mounting it overhead in the console, but if Not I woudl like to see and hear others ideas, I am going for the cleanest install I can get...I don't mind cutting holes, drilling holes, or relocating anything as long as its worth all the extra and truns out CLEAN.


I'm open to all suggstions......... :driving:

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I'm kicking around ordering one of these that fits over the steering column.  Found it on diesel performance parts.  Claims to be made by autometer but I can't find it on autometers website.  Also check out the sponsors.  Tbynes has some pods.










I did see the pods posted from autometers site before, But I didnt notice the single one, so thanks again for the link.


The steering column pod is sweet as well, and I considered that one, but on the site it said for manual trans only, I assumed they had no cut out for the gear selector on the auto.

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