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What mileage to change suspension components?

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I have a 2000 Silverado that just turned over 100k. I'm pretty sure that I need new shocks and I was planning on going with some Rancho 5000's. My question is at what mileage do you usually have to change your coil springs and then at what mileage your leaf springs. Thanks for any info.

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My ride height is fine but the truck feels bouncy going over bumps on the hwy and I drove my buddies 2k2 Sierra last night and I can tell the diff between his truck and mine. His is much stiffer and no bounce. So I take this as a sign that I need new shocks, that's no suprise. Just wondering if those coil springs in the front need to be changed to. I mean, how do you know when a spring is shot besides sag? I assume if I see no sag then I'm fine? Was just wondering if anyone had changed them for wear reasons and not perf reasons. Thanks again guys.

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