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PAC Adapter OEM-1 ADD-GM24 aux RCA out


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I am selling my PAC adapter that I had in my 04 Silverado to add subs to the factory Bose system. This adapter plugs into the factory amp in the center console and adds two RCA outs which go to the aftermarket amp. Model is OEM-1 ADD-GM24 which works with GM vehicles with factory bose see application list at PAC's website http://www.pac-audio.com/products/products...M%20Integration




this unit retails for about $129 I would like $80 shipped anywhere in US

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I got mine on Ebay for 45.90 shipped.


And no, that's not the same thing. The one listed for sale in this thread is an aux adapter to hook up an amplifier and subwoofer to the stock radio deck, while the one in the Ebay link is to retain chime sounds with aftermarket headunits.

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