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2002 Yukon Right Fog Light



I use my fogs here and there and they were working fine.. one day i was driving and decided to turn them on and on the left of the steering wheel where the botton is to turn the fog lights on i pressed and it did not light up. Usually when pressing the fog botton the little led lights up letting you know they are on..


I noticed my right fog light has mist in it.. It still does but i have a question if one light is out due to mist why doesnt my left fog light work either? I check the elect console and loooked at the fuse and it was fine.. Could it be a relay or something else? What should i do.. I am planning on changing the housing but why wouldnt the light turn on saying they r on even tho the bulb could be dead or why isnt my other one working even tho there is no mist in it..



Thanks guys

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The fog lights are controlled by the body control module. The BCM can inhibit fog light operation for any number of reasons and it's not always easy to find the reason. It's definitely not because of mist in the lens.


For example, fog light operation is only allowed when the low beams are on.

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