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Tires and brakes

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`05 GMC Crew 1500 2wd 5.3L


Well, after the 5th visit for a brake vibration and pulsation, that comes and goes, GM is involved. Another Tech has the same problem on his `05 as well. After talking to him, he replaced the brake components as I would have done if I paid for it. He stated that it never went away, and he noticed it around 9k, about the same time I noticed mine. Well, there are two trucks (consumer owned) out at the GM proving Grounds here in PHX with the rear brakes locking up. Something was mentioned about a subcontracted vendor with the rear drums and the part is not up to GM Specs! I was wondering if it is related.

Well, since I have had tire problems since I bought it, Now, they are splitting and chunks of rubber are coming off the tread. WOW! What quality General is !

Well, I get new ones. all 4 Good deal, but the dealer is trying to work on another brand for me. Almost had a set of ~07 Denali 18" `s. Darn brake problem!


Just thought I would throw this out here and see if anyone might have heard something.

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