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04 1500 z71 needs lift! PICS too

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Hey everyone, I'm finally ready to lift my truck and there are so many choices out there that I'm astonished that I got it down to 2. I'm looking at the 3" skyjacker and the 4" rancho lift. Right now I have 285/70/17's on the truck so I think I'm all set for tires right now for this size of a lift. My question is how much taller are the 2 lifts gonna be from each other? Assuming the t-bars are adjusted the same and all, are they that close? Ive seen some pics of the 3" and I'm kinda worried that it wouldn't be all that much higher than stock for that kinda $$. I've seen people with the rancho having their trucks sittin' nice and it just looked right, does anyone have any pics of a truck similar to mine with either of the 2 lifts on it? Also, where is the best place to buy these online with the best prices? I'm just trying to help make up my mind now basically and if anyone has any input (good or bad) on the 2 lift systems, let me hear them!


Thanks for any help!!


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