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Newbie Okie truckie

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Hey i'm Eddie,Married,27,2 kids,house,no dogs,2 fish,3 shrimp and a couple rabbits in the yard.


Anyway i have a dark purple 97 Yukon 4dr/2wd/L31/4L60E.It's got 2in spindles,2in shackles,20in wheels,Eaton LSD,4.10:1 gears,Corvette servo,E-fans,Thermo,pulley's,K&N,Pioneer deck w/4 memphis 6 1/2s in the doors being ran by a 500 watt memphis,2 12" memphis M3 DVC's running 1 ohm thru a Memphis 1000BD,180amp alt,Stinger bat isolater splitting engine bat and stereo(rear) bat,rollpans halfway done,flowmaster 50 series,Black projector head/tail/markers,OOGA! horn,taylor wires,MSD coil,ACCEL dist. kit,TB spacer,modded TB.I know there's a grip of stuff i'm forgetting,but anyway this is a project truck,and has heavy plans.Just going slow as i also own several other cars including a '48 chrysler.Motor has 198k and runs strong,I tune it with Tunercat/AKA JET dynamic spectrum tuner something crap.Trans was rebuilt before i bought it about a year ago and it's about time again.Also waiting for motor to go POW! so i can jump into a rebuild w/ big plans inc. forged rotating assy. and some boost.If things go well hopefully it will evolve into a 377.

I mod everything i can including lawn mowers/power wheels/anything with a motor or wheels!

anyway,time to go to bed

Later ya'll


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