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Problem with new Revos

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First off let me state that I know very little about tires. With that said heres what I need advice on:


Last week I purchased a new set of Bridgestone Duelers AT Revos 285/75/16 from the Tire Rack. I had my dealership install the tires. I noticed the next day that the truck would vibrate around 50-60mph. Maybe the best description of the ride is that every 30-40 seconds it feels like I'm running over bumps in the road when there aren't any, and this upsets the suspension which causes the vibration. The tire vibration causes items in the truck to vibrate as well.


I took it back to the dealer and they readjusted the balance and told me that one tire has a road force of 49lbs. and that this is a high number. Now, the dealer went on to tell me that he doesn't believe changing the tire would make much of a difference in the ride. He claims that the size and aggressiveness of the tires and the heavy duty suspension on the 2500HD is what is causing the rough ride.I would expect a rougher ride from mud tires but not all terrains.



What I need to know is what is:


1. What is too high of a road force number? Do I have a bad tire?


2. What evidence do you need to have in order to have a bad tire replaced?



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