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Larger Oil Filter for 6.0L

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Mobil 1 M1-206


PureOne Pl25288


It also appears that the AC Delco pf 61 has an anti drain back valve and can be used.



3 year old thread revival FTW! :dunno:

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the benefit of the original is less likely to be hit and damaged...if using a larger one then carry a spare. if using the smaller one then change more often.


Change more often that at the normal oil change? And the purpose of that would be....? Still not real sure what the benefit of using a larger filter would be. After all, we are not talking about soot loading like a diesel would do. I have run several oil samples on 5.3L and 6.0L motors going the full OLM intervals, up to and over 7500 miles, and have yet to see any reason to feel that the stock size filter is not doing its job quite well. But If it helps you sleep well at night, I guess go for it.


I would think that if one is overly concerned about a filter not doing it's job, then quit playing games and put on a oil bypass system and really keep the oil clean.

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