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99 silverado LT power seat, locks, and mirror prob



I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado half ton with the LT package and i need some electrical help.


Today i installed a sub in my truck and it was going fine until i had to get the power wire from the amp to the battery through the fire wall.


I first attempted to shove the wire through the existing hole where the other wires go through. I used a metal rod for cleaning a gun and tried to shove it through. Well it didnt work. The radio was on and when i tried this and then it lost power and turned the radio off but after i pulled out the rod and wire the power came right back on. Like a power surge or something.


So i finally ended up drilling a hole for it to go through.


Well i come to find out that after trying to shove that wire through the power seats didnt work, the power mirrors didnt work and the power locks didnt work but when i use the remote it still honks after 2 presses of the lock button.


I am not sure what fuses, relays or what to check. I looked at the fuses i thought it might be but they wernt bad. I dont know how to check a relay or any other kind of breaker.


Any help would be much appreciated

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