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How many miles do you have on your 6.0 liter motor?

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Threads like this give me a warm fuzzy.   20-30 years ago you didn't buy a truck and expect the engine to last 200k miles... Now it's no big deal

Just rolled over to 501317 on an 09 2500HD 6.0 gas. Only motor work I’ve done is swapped the alternator out once and the water pump twice. Wanna see what I’ve used it for, google Holmes Auto Transport

I just pulled my injectors yo check a bogging issue and found a couple stuck ones and gunky nasty stuff caked in them all, other than that the truck is pretty much unmolested and I believe most parts

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I have about 120k on mine.

Its had the cold start knock since it was new.

I've had no problems at all with the motor. All i've had to do is a fuel pump and sending unit at about 85k.

While the knock drives me crazy it dosent seem to have hurt the engine so far.

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37,545 on the 02 SilveradoHD no problems to date. (also has the cold knock)


2,200 on the 06 GMC HD


I started a thread like this on The Diesel Place yesterday in the gassers section.


Ive got 100,150 on mine and it runs great, mine doesnt even knock.

New tranny at 97,000

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Mine is a 2006, bought last August it has 45k and has yet to be in for warranty service of any kind. I'm pushing 35's, it has a programer, intake, exhuast and I beat the hell out of it. It does get a oil change every 5k no question with mobil 1 and Lucas. I don't know why everyone is scared of the 6.0, mines yet to let me down.



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The #2 cam bearing spun and chewed up the block at 55,000 miles on my 2004 2500 Crew Cab 4x4.


These 6.0L look impressive. Except for mine. No one panic because I believe and everyone that I have spoke with in the past week believes that this a rare unseen before issue.



I contacted GM and voiced my complaint about the spun cam bearing on my 55k mile Silverado on Jan 18th and today I received a call from GM .


I am considering myself fortunate that we had come up with a resolution that I can be happy with. Considering all variables that were involved with this entire situation they are going to discard the $863 that I owe them and Pay 50% of the total cost of a new complete GM engine and installation.

My truck was beyond the warranty period (19k past warranty), I am the second owner of this truck, I did not purchase this truck from a GM dealership and I have no proof except for my word that this truck was maintained properly so I am happy that GM and Dan Hemms Sidney, Ohio was able to determine that this annomally was rare and was not caused by myself or the previous owner of this truck and they were going to stand behind their product. Thanks for putting confidence in GM products back into this consumer!


Thanks Charlie and Donna for being professional during this process.


If you view the "Silverado Low Oil Pressure" post in the full size light duty board you can follow this whole process on this issue that I just dealt with.

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Mine has 129,750 miles on her as of this afternoon. Replaced fuel pump 10,000 miles ago. No knock or any other problems, just change the oil and filter and run good gas, just reg gas on mid grade or high test. Pulled anything from 16 foot stock trailer to 28 foot enclosed goose neck with out any problems at any time. I'm looking for 250,000 before it needs anything. :nopity:

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I'm just about to 115000 on my 03 1500HD with the 6.0. I've always changed the oil with about 10% left on the Oil Live Monitor with Castrol GTX 5W-30, and then send a sample off for a used oil analysis. Never had a bad analysis come back and never used more than 1/2 quart of oil over each of the approximate 6000 mile oil change intervals. The truck runs like a champ. I love it. The only engine related problem that has come up was a leaking intake manifold gasket that I had to have replaced about 5 months ago (around 105K miles), but that only set me back about $110.


The fuel pump squeals like a stuck pig (I'm on my 2nd pump), I'm about to replace the gauge cluster for the second time, and the stupid intermediate steering shaft knock comes around every 1 1/2 years or so, but as hard as I use this thing, it's pretty hard to complain. :nopity:

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