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New Led Tail Lights On My 08 Sierra

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Alright guys, My wife and I just finished installing these LED tail lights. I bought them on Ebay for about $200.00. They're made by DEPO Auto Lighting (Never heard of them) and man are they bright.


The instructions don't make much sense (lost in translation) but if you have any auto mod background at all, its a breeze. It took us about 10 mins for each side, and that's because she was playing grab ass a few times.


What I like about these tail light as compared to the others out there on the market is that you use the harness right at the lamps instead of removing the whole wire loom from the tail light to the connector block that's mounted to the frame under the bed at the LH rear corner, and fishing this long wire loom back thru...Screw that! This way is much better...


So...You remove the light assembly from the truck. Remove the 2 brake bulb connectors and the marker bulb connector, and the back up connector but leave the back up bulb in the connector. That's the other thing I like about these. Unlike other LED tail lights on the market, these retain the back up bulb instead of using white LED's which are not bright enough for back up lights.


There's an impedance box for each light. It mounts in the lowest of the 3 holes in the truck body when looking at where the tail light came from. There's a little shelf in there and you apply some 3M 2 sided tape against the horizontal and vertical parts of that hole. Stick the box in place on both sides.


Then (this is where you will need a second set of hands) lay a rag on the corner of the bumper and lay the new light face down. While the other person is holding the light assembly, plug the power connector from the new light into what is now the lowest factory brake light connector and install it at the bottom.

Install the other factory bulb connectors back in the holes without the bulbs except for the back up light. The hard part is that on the stock lights, the reverse light is at the bottom, and on these it's in the middle. You have to kind of persuade the wire harness a bit. Plug the connector from the impedance box to the connector on the new light and reinstall the whole assembly. Your Done! :fume:


The picture below of when the lights are on does not represent very well how bright these light really are. Man...They are bright.


Everything works great and fits perfect. :thumbs:








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They do look kind of weired especially where the red reflectors don't line up from the back to the side. I like the stock tails better on your red truck.


Are the Led's replaceable? I know good quality Led's last for 50,000+ hours but I have seen alot of burnt out Led's in aftermarket tail lamps.


But hey if you like em' that's all that matters.

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So are you gonna keep the stock lights for spares or sell them?


Sorry, not a fan of that LED look either, it looks too much like an eye patient with the blown pupil look...But if YOU like it, that's all that matters.

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If any of you don't like them, thats fine. But what do you gain by telling him?


If he likes them, that's all that matters.




I don't believe any one is looking to gain anything by telling him the lights are not there taste,We are just expressing our own opinions. Please correct me if I wrong!! We are just sharing or thoughts. As I stated "Not working for me. But it's not my Truck! Thanks for sharing the info and photos." We all have our own taste and that's whats makes this forum, share info and photos so we can all make our trucks unique to our desired taste.

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Nice write-up, Page! They don't fit my tastes, but it is nice to finally see some aftermarket taillights for the GMT-900 Sierras! :thumbs:


Keith : I don't think anyone hopes to "gain" anything by stating an opinion... What do you hope to gain by trying to get people to not express their opinion..?? :D



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