In a stunning move, General Motors has filed a federal racketeering suit against rival Fiat-Chrysler.

GM claims that Fiat-Chrysler and its executives acted corruptly during the 2009, 2011, and 2015 collective bargaining agreements.

In a press release pushed out today, General Motors claims “FCA was the clear sponsor of pervasive wrongdoing, paying millions of dollars in bribes to obtain benefits, concessions, and advantages in the negotiation, implementation, and administration of labor agreements over time.” and “FCA corrupted the implementation of the 2009 collective bargaining agreement. It also corrupted the negotiation, implementation, and administration of the 2011 and 2015 agreements.”

In corruptly influencing the labor agreements GM contends “FCA’s manipulation of the collective bargaining process resulted in unfair labor costs and operational advantages, causing harm to GM.”.

The company also claims “With this lawsuit, GM is seeking to reinforce that bargaining must be free from fraud and corruption. All damages recovered will be invested in the U.S. to benefit GM’s employees and grow jobs” will cover this story and report more details as they become available.