Some of General Motor’s newest vehicles equipped with Super Cruise are seeing a random error, stating “Super Cruise Unavalaible – No Road Information” despite owners using the hands-free driving technology on a road before.  Thankfully there’s a specific reason for this error and a simple fix.

If you own a Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevy Tahoe or Suburban, GMC Sierra, GMC HUMMER EV, or GMC Yukon with Super Cruise and have had the system refuse to engage on a road you know is Super Cruise enabled- worry not. As it turns out- a lot of people are having these issues, including us with the GMC HUMMER EV.

The problem and solutions are detailed in Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 24-NA-027

What Is Super Cruise?

A driver's view from behind the wheel of a GMC HUMMER EV while using Super Cruise Hands-Free Driving
A driver’s view from behind the wheel of our GMC HUMMER EV while using Super Cruise Hands-Free driving on a two-lane road

Let’s first bring everyone up to speed. Super Cruise is an advanced driver-assistance system developed by General Motors, offering hands-free driving capabilities for compatible highways. Utilizing a combination of cameras, radar sensors, and GPS data, Super Cruise enables the vehicle to maintain its lane, adapt speed according to traffic conditions, and navigate long stretches of highway with minimal driver intervention. This system is distinguished by its precision and the inclusion of a driver attention system, which ensures the driver’s readiness to take control if necessary.

What Issue Are Owners Having With Super Cruise?

Recently, our GMC HUMMER EV would not allow us to use Super Cruise on roads we knew were mapped and included as part of the Super Cruise Road network. Roads we had used Super Cruise before on suddenly gave us an error message when trying to engage the system. “Super Cruise Unavalaible- No Road Information.” We knew that couldn’t be right- as we had used the system on the same roads before- sometimes the day before.

The error message that some Super Cruise users might see on a road they know is supposed to be Super Cruise Compatible
The error message that some Super Cruise users might see on a road they know is supposed to be Super Cruise Compatible

Even more frustratingly, the error message was inconsistent- sometimes appearing when driving east- but the system would engage and work normally while driving west. Or, the error message would appear one day and not the next. has learned that General Motors Engineering has identified one of two issues that may cause this error, and both require a trip to the dealer to be fixed.

Why Do You Need Road Information To Use Super Cruise?

The problem is that Super Cruise doesn’t work on every road. For a driver to enable Super Cruise, the road must first be mapped by GM. The process involves using high-accuracy GPS measurements, LiDAR scanning of the road surface, and camera mapping of speed limits and road curves. That data is combined into information that is uploaded into Super Cruise enabled vehicles and allows them to engage the system on only those roads that have been processed by GM. The company currently has 400,000 miles of Super Cruise enabled roads and plans to double the amount in 2024. The data required to store that information is a unique module inside the vehicle dedicated to Super Cruise Maping.

The Solution for “Super Cruise Unavailable – No Road Info”

GM has identified that the problem lies with either out-of-date software inside that Super Cruise Map Module or bad hardware inside the module.

However, the best first step is to confirm that the road you’re attempting to use Super Cruise on is actually listed as a Super Cruise-compatible road.

A map of Super Cruise Enabled Roads as of March 2024 taken from the GMC Website
A map of Super Cruise Enabled Roads as of March 2024 taken from the GMC Website

In our case- once our GMC HUMMER EV had every single internal module updated to the latest firmware, our Super Cruise Issue was solved. The process took over 15 hours for our local dealer to complete, but it was worth the effort and time. Our GMC HUMMER EV has been nearly flawless since- with many of the small, inconsistent software errors we had been experiencing now fixed.

The second solution is that your vehicle’s “Map Module” is defective and requires replacement. Again, this requires a trip to the dealer, but it will also permanently fix the issue.

If you go to the dealer with this issue, make sure to mention Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 24-NA-027 so they have a good starting point for solving your problems.