A Michigan-based engineering and manufacturing consultation firm, Munro and Associates, famous for their deeply insightful YouTube Videos about electric vehicles, is tearing apart a GMC HUMMER EV.  What they are finding inside is fascinating.

If you’re an automotive YouTube connoisseur, you probably already know about the Munro Live channel and watched in glee as they’ve torn apart nearly every popular electric vehicle and showed the world what’s inside. From Tesla to Jeep and everywhere in between, Sandy Munro and his employees know how things should be built and analyze vehicles to determine how they were engineered.

If you’ve somehow missed what they do but think you’d enjoy hearing about the deep and gritty world of manufacturing and engineering electric vehicles- prepare to be amazed and get that finger ready to subscribe. Here’s a link to their channel for quick reference. 

Munro and Associates work with automakers and other manufacturers to build better, cheaper, and faster products. Sandy Munro is the architect of “Lean Design,” his company is at the forefront of EV design and manufacturing.

What we’re getting at here is that if Sandy and his team give you an analysis of a part or vehicle- they know what they’re talking about. So much so, Major Automotive OEMs hire Munro to tear apart new cars and let them know what the competition is up to. That leads us to the GMC HUMMER EV.

After announcing months ago that they would not tear down a GMC HUMMER EV, Munro’s tune has changed. One has to think that some OEM wanted to see what General Motors is doing with their first “big” EV and either paid for Munro to obtain a HUMMER EV or provided them with one. While we may never know “why” Munro is tearing apart a HUMMER EV and for whom, we can watch as they work through their task.

So far, the company has uploaded two videos of the HUMMER EV tear-down on its channel. One focuses on the battery pack and one on the front drive-motor assembly. Both are deep dives into EV engineering and provide a level of detail you’d never see anywhere else.

Fair warning, these vehicles are a bit dry but incredibly informative. You’ll see parts and how they interface in a way you’d never be able to unless you have torn apart your own HUMMER EV. And, we’re guessing if you’re one of the 800 who owns one at the moment- you’re not doing that. We’re certainly not.

So what are they finding? Well, you should really watch the videos to find out, but it’s clear the team at Munro think the HUMMER EV is big, heavy, maybe over-built, and was designed to be quick to market above all. We were surprised to hear the battery housing alone has over 3,500 welds inside but perhaps that’s why the 24-module Ultium Battery weighs nearly 3,000 lbs all by itself. Yikes.

Sit back and enjoy and subscribe to Munro Live to get more updates on the HUMMER EV Teardown as it progresses.