The Silverado ZR2, Chevrolet’s most capable off-road full-size pickup, is getting a new wheel option for 2024 that will make it even more unstoppable.

A New Option for 2024

The new wheels are a dealer-installed option, RPO Code “EU2”. That means you can order them while selecting your vehicle’s options from the factory or well after delivery. Either way, the beadlock wheels will be an extra cost option that your dealer can install.

These specific beadlock wheels are black with a removable bronze beadlock rim. The addition of this option for the ZR2 should make plenty of enthusiasts pretty happy.

Beadlock wheels are not the only new option for 2024 that Silverado buyers can select from. Check out our “What’s New” guide for the 2024 Silverado.

What’s the big deal about a deadlock wheel?

Beadlock wheels are the unsung heroes of off-road adventures, offering a level of performance and reliability that standard wheels simply can’t match. At the core of their design is a mechanical clamping system that literally “locks” the tire bead onto the wheel. This ensures that the tire stays firmly attached, even under extreme conditions like low tire pressure, heavy torque, or when tackling challenging terrains like rocky trails, mud pits, or sand dunes. The result? Enhanced traction and control that can make the difference between conquering the trail and getting stuck in the mud.

Pricing & Avalability

Pricing for the new EU2 beadlock wheels has not been announced. Generally, Chevrolet OEM aftermarket wheels range from $500 a piece and higher. Expect these to run between $650 and $850 a wheel. Check with your local dealership for their specific pricing and availability.