General Motors electric vehicle owners may soon gain access to Tesla’s renowned Supercharger network. GM dealerships are being updated on plans to open the network and provide owners with adapters to use the ultra-fast Tesla Superchargers for Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac EVs in a matter of days.

GM Tesla Supercharger Access – What You Need To Know

  • GM Dealers are being briefed today (March 20th, 2024) on GM’s rollout of Tesla Supercharger Access
  • An adapter will be needed to access the network of 15,000 V3/V4 Superchargers that will be available to GM products
  • Access for Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac vehicles is imminent – perhaps at the end of March or early April 2024
  • Payment & charge initiation will be handled through GM ownership apps
  • Adapters will be available at dealerships
A GMC HUMMER EV At a Tesla Supercharger Station
We found charging at a Tesla Supercharger station to be easy, painless, and reliable- however, not as fast as other public charge providers.

What is The Tesla Supercharger Network? Why Is This A Big Deal?

The Tesla Supercharger network is a pioneering and state-of-the-art fast-charging infrastructure that provides Tesla owners with convenient access to high-speed charging stations strategically located across major routes and urban areas. This network has been instrumental in addressing range anxiety, one of the primary concerns associated with electric vehicle (EV) ownership, and has significantly contributed to the widespread adoption of Tesla vehicles. There are over 15,000 Superchargers that can charge non-tesla vehicles using the North American Charging Standard (NACS) plug.

While the Supercharger network was initially exclusive to Tesla vehicles, the company has recently taken a significant step towards promoting broader EV adoption and industry standardization by opening up its network to other automakers, including Ford and Rivian within the last month. This move enhances the value proposition of Tesla’s charging infrastructure and also improves the overall charging experience for a larger number of EV drivers. And more DC fast charging stations mean a better experience for GM EV owners and more mainstream adoption of the technology.

Notably, Tesla is expected to open up its Supercharger network to General Motors products in the very near future but a specific date has not yet been announced. This development presents an exciting opportunity for you, as a General Motors customer interested in EV charging. By gaining access to Tesla’s vast network of fast-charging stations, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of reduced range anxiety and more seamless long-distance travel, regardless of the brand of your electric vehicle.

The opening of the Supercharger network to other automakers, including General Motors, signifies a potential shift towards a more unified and accessible EV charging infrastructure.

GM / Tesla Supercharger Access –  Dealers Being Prepared

General Motors Dealers will tune in this afternoon (March 20th, 2024) for a Q&A session on how the Tesla Supercharger Access roll-out will go down for Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac Electric Vehicles. The session will also include information on how customers can purchase NACS to CCS adapters, how dealers can stock the adapter, and education on how the myChevrolet, myGMC, and myCadillac apps will integrate with the Tesla network.

Last month, Dealers received this notification preparing them for the informational session later that month. It gives us some clues about the rollout that we’ll discuss in a moment.

“We’re excited for GM customers to begin accessing the Tesla Supercharger Network, set to launch in Q2 of this this year. When the network opens, customers must be equipped with a North American Charging Standard (NACS) to CCS1 adapter and properly setup their public charging profile within the Vehicle Mobile App experience to execute a charge. Customers will be able order these adapters through the Vehicle Mobile App, as well as set up their public charging profile and add a payment method, enabling them to seamlessly find, charge, and pay at Tesla’s Supercharger stations.

As mentioned in our December communication, GM strongly advises the use of a GM NACS to CCS1 Supercharger adapter, and highly discourages usage of third-party adapters. These Supercharger adapters have been certified by GM to protect GM EV batteries from potential damage while charging on the Tesla Supercharger Network. Damage to vehicle components resulting from the installation or use of non-GM certified parts is not covered under the terms of the vehicle warranty and may affect remaining warranty coverage for affected parts. Third-party adapters may be coming into the marketplace, but keep in mind that the Tesla Supercharger Network is not yet enabled for GM customers, regardless of whether the customer has a third-party adapter now.

To prepare your dealerships to support customers with purchasing adapters and setting up their public charging profiles within the Vehicle Mobile App, we will be hosting a virtual session at the EV Live Studios on February 20th, 2024, 1-2 PM EST”

Then, later in February, the informational session was postponed until today (March 20th) and included some basic Q&A details:

“Our Tesla & GM virtual Q&A session on February 20th will be rescheduled to March 20th, 2024, 1-2 PM EST

Q: How will I know when the Tesla Supercharger Network is open?
A: Currently, the Tesla Supercharger Network is not widely available to non-Tesla drivers, a select number of Magic Dock stations are already open to GM drivers and do not require the use of an adapter.
Dealers will be notified through Global Connect, and we will notify all GM customers through their GM vehicle mobile apps, e-mail communications and announcements when the network opens. To be sure you are the first to know, ensure your notifications are turned on through your GM vehicle mobile app.

Q: What is the GM part number?
A: A part number will be shared in March. The NACS DC adapter will be made available as a vehicle accessory through the GM vehicle mobile app, where customers will be able to select their preferred dealer. Limited quantities will be available at launch, with more availability later this year.

Q: How many Superchargers will be accessible, and which Supercharger generations are compatible?
A: GM drivers will get access to more than 15,000+ Superchargers. V3 and V4 Superchargers will be enabled and open to GM drivers. V2 stations (older Tesla stations) will not be opened to other OEMS given their lack of connectivity.

Q: Do I need the Tesla mobile app to charge at a Tesla Supercharger?
A: GM customers do not need the Tesla app to charge on the Supercharger Network. The Tesla Supercharger Network will be integrated within your GM vehicle mobile app for customers to seamlessly find a compatible charger, initiate the charge, and pay for the charge.”

A Tesla Supercharger Magic Dock Connector charging on a GMC HUMMER EV
Don’t want to wait for Tesla and GM to officially open the network? Try a Supercharger with a Magic Dock connector, and you can start charging today. Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of Magic Dock-enabled Superchargers.

When Will GM Vehicles Be Able To Use Tesla Superchargers?

With Ford and Rivian already open to charge at Superchargers and General Motors dealers being briefed on the technology today, the inclusion of Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles is likely in April 2024. That matches with GM’s estimates of open access in “Q2”, which starts in April and allows Dealers to be educated and stock NACS to CCS adapters over the next few weeks.

Despite not being open to the entire network- there are a limited number of Tesla Supercharger stations that are equipped with “Magic Dock” adapters that GM owners can charge at today. We used multiple Supercharger stations with the Magic Dock adapter on a road trip in our HUMMER EV last fall and generally found charging to be easy to initiate and reliable. With more Supercharger chargers installed at a location (typically 10-12) versus Electrify America (which places 4-6), ease of access and availability were superior at a Tesla Supercharger.

The only downside was that using a Magic Dock adapter reduced the speed at which our HUMMER EV could charge compared to an Electrify America station. While we can regularly get over 300 kW at an EA charger, Tesla rate limits a Magic Dock Supercharger to around 130 kW. That equates to a longer charging and wait time for non-Tesla vehicles using the adapter. It’s unclear if the official GM adapter will have the same limitation.

Will GM Give EV Owners A NACS Adapter For Free?

It’s unclear if GM will offer current EV owners a free NACS to CCS adapter, like Ford and Rivian are offering their customers. Dealership communication references customers “ordering” an adapter, so it may be something owners have to pay for.

Stay tuned to as we use our own GMC HUMMER EV to stay on top of Tesla’s Supercharger rollout for GM vehicles over the next few weeks.