If everything goes right, GM-Trucks.com will take delivery of a Edition 1 GMC HUMMER EV next fall. Hopefully…..maybe….we think.

We also ask the question, “How many reservations are there?”

GMC Launches HUMMER EV & Crashes Reservation System

Last week GMC unveiled the all new HUMMER EV and the automotive world went WILD. With industry leading features and specs, it’s no wonder GMC calls the HUMMER EV a “Super Truck”. By now, you’ve probably poured over all of the details, but in case you have not, check out our facts only write up on the GMC HUMMER EV here.

HUMMER EV Edition 1 Reservations Went FAST

The launch of the HUMMER EV ended up being so big the reservation system crashed and couldn’t handle the demand for nearly the first hour. But when the technical glitches were fixed the Edition 1 HUMMER EV was sold out in “10 minutes”, or so claims GMC.  By 9:20pm eastern, every single Edition 1 reservation was gone.

GMC Launches HUMMER EV & Crashes Reservation System
Not long after the reservation system opened the Edition 1 was “sold out”

You can still reserve one of the three lower trim levels of the GMC HUMMER EV, even today. However, you’ll be waiting a long long… long time. While the first Edition 1 models should roll off the assembly line next fall, those with lower trim reservations will have to wait at least another year after that, until Fall 2022 for their trucks to be delivered. Base HUMMER EV2 reservations won’t be filled until Spring of 2024! But every one of those reservations also allow you to be waitlisted for an Edition 1, just in case you really want that instead.

Ready To Reserve

When GMC announced there would be a reservation system for the new HUMMER, we at GM-Trucks.com knew we absolutely needed to get in on the action. We had no idea what we would be signing up for, what it would cost, how we would do it, or even how many reservations GMC would take.

That’s why I was ready at exactly 8pm eastern on Tuesday of last week, credit card and phone in hand. Rumors swirled online that if you even remotely wanted a HUMMER EV you needed to get a reservation quick.

So I refreshed and refreshed until the system worked. Over an hour after the reservation system opened, I was able to grab a GMC HUMMER EV Edition 1 Reservation.

2022 GMC HUMMER EV Reservation
This is GM-Trucks.com’s GMC HUMMER EV Edition 1 Reservation Agreement. Personal information removed, of course.

What Is A “Reservation” Good For?

At first glance, looking especially at our reservation number of 25,2XX we discounted that our reservation was actually worth anything. GMC didn’t announce that they would limit the number of Edition 1 Reservations during the reveal. After scoring our reservation I went to bed, unaware that I had scored something limited. In my mind, I was just number twenty-five thousand and change who had happily handed over $100 to General Motors.

GMC has never even hinted at how many HUMMER EV Edition 1 Models they will make or how many they would let be reserved. In theory, GMC may only be produce “X” number of HUMMER EV while taking “1.5X” or even “10X” the reservations. Or, alternatively, they could be making X and have let only X number of reservations be filled. So, either you have an Edition 1 Reservation and you MIGHT get to buy one, or you don’t have a reservation and you definitely won’t get one. No one knows.

The next morning I started to become a little suspicious when I saw GMC had cut off Edition 1 Reservations. So I started digging and calling around.

How Many Reservations Did GMC Really Take?

After talking to a handful of GMC dealers, including the one my reservation was made through, I found out some very interesting information.

  1. There are very few Edition 1 Reservations for each dealership- Each dealer we talked to had between (1) and (5) Edition 1 reservations.
  2. There are far more 2, 2X, and 3X Reservations – Each dealer had between (20) and (22) reservations for the lower trim levels.
  3. Reservations numbers mean nothing: Although they don’t seem randomly assigned, valid Edition 1 reservations numbers have been reported from in the 25,000 through 770,000 range.
  4. GM-Trucks.com has the first reservation at our chosen dealership in New Hampshire, one of the largest GM dealerships in the Northeast USA.

It’s been reported that out of 1,500 GMC dealerships in the US, only around half signed up to sell the GMC HUMMER EV. Rumors have no haggle pricing and other restrictions as the reason why some dealerships have opted out.

Assuming that is all true (which we can’t confirm), it’s easy to do some quick math. 750 GMC dealerships times  five Edition 1 reservations per, equals 3,750 approximate total Edition 1 Reservations. Using the same quick math, there may have been around 15,000 reservations of the lower trim levels as of last week.

Now we have no way to confirm how many reservations GMC actually took and GMC isn’t telling. In fact, they won’t even say how many Edition 1 HUMMER’s they will make. Which is why we’re still not sure we’ll ever get the chance to buy one.

Why We Reserved A HUMMER EV

The real reason we reserved a HUMMER EV Edition 1 was so we could experience this process first hand and share it with you. Yes, we plan on taking delivery if given the chance.. but with so much information about the HUMMER EV outstanding, we’re not even sure what we’re going to be taking delivery of quite yet or even when it will happen.

What we do know is that we’ll have a front row seat just for you during the entire process.