Have you ever seen a GMC Palm Beach? Vintage motorhomes are an interesting vehicle category. They usually fall into one of two categories, with very few in between: Either they are pristine and look to have been kept in a museum for the last 40 years or they look like Walter White’s leftovers from a long cut episode of Breaking Bad. This one is a rare example of the in-between motorhome, where it’s very obviously been used, but also appears to be ready and willing to tackle its next adventure. You can head to eBay and register a bid on the motorhome now.

1975 GMC Palm Beach
1975 GMC Palm Beach

This 1975 GMC Palm Beach Motorhome measures 26 feet and has lived its entire life in California, with the vintage blue license plates to prove it. The home sleeps six, has a recent bathroom update with shower and heated towel racks, and keeps its occupants cool with dual roof-top air conditioning units.

The seller calls the color Porsche Guards Red, and it appears to be in great shape. The RV rides on 16-inch Alcoa wheels with tires that are suitable for show use. They’ll need replacement before you head out on an epic road trip, but the rest of the exterior looks to be well cared-for.

The Unified Powerplant Package from the Cadillac Eldorado and Oldsmobile Toronado was used to power the motorhome. The front-drive transaxle is paired with a 455 cubic-inch V8 here, and draws fuel from two 25-gallon tanks. The seller notes that the air ride suspension system, brakes, steering, and transmission have all been serviced and work well.

It’s pretty clear that this isn’t an ultra-modern, advanced RV, but that’s not the point. There’s a certain charm that comes with wood paneling and carpet covering everything, and besides, the parts that matter here all appear to have been upgraded or refreshed to proper working condition. Of course, a 46-year-old motorhome is a risk, but it’s one we’re in full support of, for the right person.