If you want to buy an early-2000s full-size SUV, your choices are fairly limited. You’re either looking at a complete rust-bucket riddled with miles and abuse, or you’re trying to find the least modified and least “lift-kitted” truck on sale at the moment. This 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 4×4 is the exact opposite of those things, and while it’s got plenty of miles on the clock, there’s nothing that jumps out as a big red flag to scare us away.

Of course, this entire post could just be the words “barn doors,” which make this Tahoe so much cooler, but that would mean ignoring everything else about this beast. Scanning pictures will never be a failproof method of assessing a vehicle’s condition, but the images tell a promising story here. Even with almost 150,000 miles on the clock, the 21-year-old Chevy’s body looks straight, the paint looks solid, and there’s no rust underneath.

The interior – which, for this generation of GM truck can be shaky – looks to have been babied, with almost none of the typical yellowing we usually see. The leather looks to be clean and well cared for, and the seat padding appears to still have plenty of life left in it. There are a few signs of the truck’s age, however, including cracks and fading on the dash and significant wear on a few of the controls and buttons, but there’s nothing here that really screams “run away.”

Unlike some garage queen auctions for vehicles with super low miles, this Chevy Tahoe is primed to be driven. The mileage and condition mean that the next owner can drive it without worrying about a few scratches or dents, even if the bid triples from its current $3,500. I’m totally on board with this sort of thing, because it means the winner of the auction gets a vehicle that can be enjoyed and seen on the road, rather than being stuffed away in a garage or trailer somewhere to age in silence. In fact, the pull is strong enough that you may even see my name on the bidding list before it’s all over with.