2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

A new Corvette launch is a big f-in deal. Unfortunately, a global pandemic is an even BIGGER deal.  Eighth-generation Corvette enthusiasts who have already been waiting months longer than anticipated are finding their 2020 Corvette orders and deliveries stopped dead in the water. Rumors are flying and some are starting to wonder if the last 2020 Corvette has already come off the factory line.

March has not been easy for General Motors or well anyone. It was business as normal just a few weeks ago but today the company factories in North America are closed up and not a single new Silverado, Sierra, Corvette, or anything really… is rolling down the assembly line.

Truck dependant dealers were already in a bad spot with little inventory due to the 2019+ switchover and UAW strike. Many were looking forward to kicking off the spring by selling the super hot, atmospherically anticipated and all new mid-engine 2020 Corvette.

At the start of February the first C8s rolled off the line and by the end of the month, into dealerships. At the start of March Facebook posts by extremely happy enthusiasts announced the birth and/or delivery of their new mid-engine Corvette.

Then Coronavirus hit. GM shuttered its factories. Dealerships started falling under shelter in place orders. The economic disaster unfolding meant that many could no longer afford a “super car” and dealerships started seeing large numbers of customers backing out of sold orders that have already arrived or are “on the line.”

On the C8 Corvette Facebook group, some people are speaking out trying to get more information, advice, or even help figuring out where their Vette order is.

People with orders are Convertibles, which have yet to start production, are worried:

“My TPW is 5/18. Not a snowballs chance in hell now. Can’t even guess when I’ll see my car.”

Others just want to know if they will still get a 2020 Corvette:

“Worried with this factory closure, can I PM anyone here who can check status of order? Just want to know if I’ll make the 2020 build or have to wait for 2021.”

Some say the rumors are that the 2020 model year may have already been scrapped:

“….if you weren’t at 3000 by mar 18th you’ll get a 21 cut off for all allocations were the 18th”

At least one first time enthusiast is wondering if he should just go and get a deeply discounted 2019:

“So I’ve had a 5k deposit on a C8 since July and still haven’t been able to build my order. I’ve been patient, as I was planning on getting the convertible, but the new delays are making me second guess the wait.
This will be my first Corvette and I’m seeing some amazing deals on 2019 leftovers. Am I crazy for considering a new 2019 Grand Sport for 16k off MSRP and 0% financing??
I’m thinking it’s time to get my deposit back and enjoy a C7 for a year or 2 and then go for a C8. Thoughts?”

As of today, only 3,000 have been built with estimates putting under 2,000 2020 Corvette into the hands of people who want them. Everyone else is going to wait a while.

That’s terrible news for a model that GM has paid for and now needs to start generating income from. It’s terrible news for aftermarket suppliers and producers, who can’t sell parts to people who don’t have cars. And it’s terrible for the Corvette community, who have waited long enough and just want to drive their new car.

Bowling Green Assembly is scheduled to reopen in April but at this point.. that may be wishful thinking.

If you have an order and would like more information about it, call the “Corvette Concierge” at 313-665-2438